Co-founder and Owner of the beautiful Innate Wellness Center, with Michelle Schwarz, LMT / MMT

Medical Intuitive / Holistic Nurse

Medical Intuition


I understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind, body and soul are completely healthy. That's why I take a holistic approach, using years of Functional Medicine, Alternative Medicine and spiritual medicine protocols!

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Seeing your true health with my "Divine Eyes"


Nurse Maika is an internationally known,and spirit-guided Medical Intuitive.  She is also a practicing Psychic-Medium, Master Mind-Body Healer, and Intuitive Holistic Life Advisor.

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Experience and Compassionate care you can trust


To empower you with the knowledge of your true health with honesty and compassion. I will show you  healing  options so you may once again return to  a state of wellness. 


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Traditional Medicine


Nurse Maika has 3 decades of nursing experience.  She began her medical career with her very first job at 16 years old - and never left the profession.  She has served our country as a Medic and Surgical tech in the Army.  She then went on to nursing school and has worked in NICU, PICU, Children's ER, Pediatrics, and Adult and Pediatric HomeCare.  She has pursued higher level nursing education, although at this time feels her calling is more within her medical intuitive gift.


Alternative and Functional Medicine


In 2002, while on a very tumultuous personal medical journey, I was introduced to Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine - in particular, 

Bio-identical Hormones. 

I currently still work part-time as a BHRT Nurse Specialist and Educator.

Learn how these specialties support the value of finding the root cause to health issues.

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Spirit Medicine


Ahhh!  Where my heart glows and my purpose soars!  Why?......because this where my "spiritual team" communicates with me during your session to provide the guidance and pathways that help me discover your root cause to your health issue.  God blessed me with divine eyes and heightened medical intuition.  I filter these messages that I see and hear, through my medically-trained paths and quickly it all tells a story.  Then "my team" assists me in what it will take for you to physically, emotionally and spiritually heal.

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Sessions scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Weekends available when possible.

I do not in any way present myself as a medical doctor.  

All suggestions for healing must be discussed with your doctors and/or other health practitioners.