Explanation of Medical Intuitive Services


Medical Intuitive Readings

 Physical self- an Intuitive “scan” of your body

      I scan 50+ organs and systems!
A Medical Intuition Scan and Evaluation can pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances and conditions in the human body.  

  • I will use my "Divine Eyes" and intuitive gifts to scan your current state of health and well-being. 
  • I will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your body.  
  • I will review your current medications and supplements and discuss them as they pertain to your current health concerns. 
    (Please have them with you, or a list of what they are, to include brand, dose and ingredients.)    

Emotional and Energetic self - exploring the past and present connections

A Medical Intuition Scan and Evaluation will also reveal not only your state of physical health, but can also validate unresolved thoughts and emotions that may be impacting you and your health. 

  • I will explain how the energy centers of the body are connected to our health. 
  • I will scan and assess their balance status and share with you which main center needs attention.


A 20 minute followup call (or email) for questions and quick check-in.

A copy of my written pages of my notes.
Healing protocol suggestive treatment plan.
Information sheets to take home (or emailed).
I am respectful to anything you wish to not hear or discuss!  

Note:  ALL patients are required to sign my consent form.  

           Thank you for understanding


Medical Intuitive Follow Up

 These consults are for those who have had an Initial Session. 

  • You will receive another scan.
  • You will be evaluated for healing protocol additions and/or changes. 
  • You will be given an updated plan.​

Success comes with follow-up sessions.  This allows the body time to adjust and rebalance in between updates to your plan.  

Multiple modalities will provide your body the framework it needs to navigate each level of your health.

Follow up Packages available with a savings discount.

Explanation of Psychic / Mediumship Services


Psychic - Intuitive Life Direction

  • Wish to examine the directions and paths of  your life? - past, present and future .  
  • This includes such topics as relationships, job, business, family, travel, or other answers you may need.  
  • These are answered with channeled divine guidance and I will not lie in any way shape or form!  

Although it is possible that a loved one will come through, it is not guaranteed - if you are looking to connect with a loved one for sure, please see my Mediumship Readings instead.  



Do you see signs like dragonfly's or feathers, or any of the numerous ways our loved ones say hello?

 I have been seeing "life beyond this physical world" since 9 years old - let me help you connect to your loved one and get a Hug from Heaven.

Knowing our loved ones are happy, healthy and safe is very healing.  

You will hear the messages of your loved one(s), in hopes that you find that long-wanted comfort. 
You will experience peace and healing. 
You will experience closure if needed.
You will hear what your loved one(s) wishes for your life. 
You will be able to ask questions and obtain clarity 

Explanation of Hugs from Heaven™


Group readings in YOUR location or MY OFFICE

 What is a "gallery-style group reading"? 

- a gathering of your family and friends to experience Hugs from Heaven together
- it is my goal to give a reading to each guest
- the readings are in the group at all times 
- each guest may have their own loved one to reach  -OR-  you may choose a brief psychic or medical reading instead
- you will take your own notes (or have notes written for you)
taping of these events is NOT allowed

2-3 hours - depending on number of attendees 

YOUR location - 5 min. to 8 max. people   

MY OFFICE - 4 min. to 8 max. people  

Explanation of Quantum Bliss Healing™


Individual Healing

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.  For years  I have done Maika's Method Healing which was a combo of those modalitites plus intuitive messagees.

Now - Welcome to Quantum Bliss Healing!

A two year, downloaded-from-spirit, new method .

Lay on my Luxe Spa adjustable table and be ready to experience the resonance of Bliss - 600.

This takes Maika's Method Healing to the next level!


2 practitioner Healing and Group Healing also available

2 practitioner Healing 

This is the  same healing experience except the second Healer enhances and helps me hold the energy balance.  

Great for more severe issues such as cancer or other long-term diseases; major trauma; or can just be your choice for a heightened experience.

Group Healing 

Still with the intention to activate the BLISS frequency in all - but done in a group setting.  2 min. to 4 max. people.

Self Mastery with DyAnn


You have the keys - DyAnn can help you use them!

 Often times I will suggest to you that getting to the core of things such as beliefs, denials, and vibrational misalignments can help 

shift your physical ailments.  

It also can assist in stopping the "gerbil wheel" of continued "stuckness".

Working remotely, and with the Sedona energies, DyAnn can help co-create this new reality with you!  

See below for more information .


DyAnn Suares


 Spirit Guide, Intuitive, Core Alignments 

for Mind Body Soul



Late in my 30’s my consciousness had been impacted deeply by the death of my father. In that moment the struggle and conflict that had burdened me seized to exist. My mind was quiet for the first time. I became aware of my emotions and their connections to their underlying causes, and my heart started beating a rhythm of harmony that matched my mind now. 

This event was the defining moment of my awakening to a consciousness shift. 

It was much later in my life that some learned mentors helped me open up to the explorations leading me to what I now know as the True Self and Authentic Nature from within. 

I now offer support to those choosing to begin their journey toward Emotional Self Mastery and increased personal  vibration. 

This creates intention and the ability to reach a ‘Higher Self -Mind- Body’ connection and to move forward with their soul agreements.