Nurse Maika

She approaches each client with a focus on  integrity, support and understanding and you can be sure you are heard  and that your needs are met and exceeded.  She honors exactly where her  patients are at in their healing process, giving healing tools and  knowledge to help them regain wellness.   

Your  physical, energetic, and spiritual health is vitally important.  She offers high-quality work and is committed to providing you with the  attention, support, and care you deserve.    

She serves a  wide-range of clients world-wide, and values every relationship greatly.  Each session benefits from the depth and breadth of her expertise.

My intuitive gifts have helped patients get to the root of many and diverse issues – from nutritional deficiencies to viral overloads. I have helped health concerns ranging from infertility; thyroid, adrenal and other organ fatigue or failure; EBV, CMV and other bacterial and viral overloads; Lyme disease; hormonal issues; and many other concerns that are detected from the 50+ organs and systems I scan

About Me

My Story



My name is Maika Baillargeon – Nurse Maika for my intuitive work!

With almost 30 years as a nurse, and with a lifelong intuitive gift, I now combine these abilities to help both physicians and patients unveil difficult and unexplained medical issues. 

A gift I have been blessed with since I was a small child, intuition comes to me through divine messages that l hear, see, or feel. 

At 9 years old I was seeing crossed-over spirits and talked daily with my friend "Bodi Shawna".  

I later learned what I was really heard was - Bodhisattva

  • · A Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone
  • · A Bodhisattva is motivated by pure compassion and love, with a goal to help others.
  • · The Bodhisattva will undergo any type of suffering to help another sentient being - "I will become a savior to all those beings, I will release them from all their sufferings." 

So, it doesn't surprise me that I went into nursing!  My passion to fulfill this heart-centered need to heal the suffering would be answered through this profession.  And it was!

But in 1998, while living in Ohio, I had a severe car accident and NDE - Near Death Experience. They call it “near” death because you are sent back. And indeed, that is what I was told – that I had big work to do. 

I knew my gift had changed! 

When I returned back to work, I began to "see" the medical issues of my patients.  

Yes - call them "X-ray Eyes" ! 

And I began to experience much deeper psychic feelings.  And it felt I had a “team” now.

But, I still was unaware that this line of work was done professionally. What is this “big work” they kept referring too?

In 2005, I moved back to CT, and soon the voices from my "spirit team" were very loud and often times relentless. They kept showing me and speaking to me on "more supportive healing measures for the human body". 


Still unaware of medical intuition as a profession, I figured this meant that I needed to expand out of western medicine and learn more holistic methods. And so I did:

  • Functional and Holistic Medicine 
  • Anti-Aging / Bio-identical Hormones.  I became a Certified Bio-Identical Nurse and Educator
  • Studying Naturopathy and Homeopathy and other alternative medicine realms. 

These fields of medicine look for root causes for ailments, instead of the traditional approaches of using a medication as the only answer, and practitioners of holistic medicine will also remember that our bodies are energy

I immersed myself in all I could to educate myself in Holistic Medicine and in 2007, began working for a Functional Medicine physician - it was a divinely timed and gifted relationship. Having had her own personal healing and survival story, together we taught each other.  She leaned on my medical intuitive abilities and I learned all I could from her. 

I was introduced to alternative practitioners, including those that did “readings”. One psychic medium would constantly tell me I was going to do something similar to what she does, for work! 

By now I am hearing it everywhere – in this realm and certainly from my spirit team. 

“Maika, we need you. The world needs you.” 

In 2010 it was time – time to answer the spiritual phone call.

I left work and went to my house at Cape Cod for one year to immerse myself in answering this call. Reading, studying, and researching. I finally learned that there were Medical Intuitives! And the journey began. I went back to that psychic medium 

who said I would use my gift as work – 

she became my mentor.

I opened my private practice as a 

Medical Intuitive / Holistic Nurse.  

So you could say I now practice Spirit Medicine

(I also have the pleasure of working still in a Functional Medicine / Bio-identical Hormone practice part-time, with my dearest, divinely sent friend, Dr Marie Dam.)

If you feel you want a "Divine X-ray"- one that will include your physical, emotional, and energetic components - then consider coming to me for a Medical Intuitive Session.  

In health,

Nurse Maika

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About My Abilities

What do I see?



I work with both spirit, and my “Divine Eyes”, to  guide patients to what they need to heal - to gain true health and  balance.  

I was gifted with intuitive abilities very young, and then after the accident I began to have a very different relationship with the human body.

What do I "see"? ... 

The area(s) of concern will show up like:

  • an anatomy textbook picture - vivid, bright and very telling
  • less vivid, but strongly prominent in the energy status - may look like a "fuzzy" anatomy picture but it has colored energy patterns that speak to me
  • like an Xray picture - darker, denser and just more shadow
  • no picture given, but i am stopped at the general body area - this takes more questions to spirit   

My intensive and holistic medical trainings allow me to  understand this information with clarity and to explain to my patients what they are experiencing.  

All of this is done in tandem with my spirit team.  They take me on the journey and with their guidance I come to the answers. 

These answers often are ones that our medical societies are not with knowledge of yet!  These unknown's confuse the diagnosis and healing process for the patient.

I explain and educate you on what I am given, so YOU make the connections.

Then I finalize an Intuitive Healing Treatment Plan. I do not exclude current medical practices as you know them (medications, surgeries, etc) as they could potentially be a needed solution. But my healing plan suggestions will focus more on Holistic Health practices, and will include the spiritual and energetic modalities of healing. 

 I call this “seeing your true health”.

About Medical Intuition

Imagine This.....

You're exhausted....

You have unexplainable symptoms....

Your doctors are stumped and keep telling you the labs are fine....

You are struggling with medications, with little or no resolve....

You have no idea where to turn for alternative options....

This is just ONE type of scenario that I often see.  (Pun intended!)

YES! - I do have an incredible heightened vision with the body,

but here is what else the field of Medical Intuition encompasses! ..............

Medical Intuition is when a person uses intuition to "see" imbalances throughout the body.  These include physical, psychological, emotional, chemical, and neurological imbalances.    

But more than just having the gift to see all of the anatomical issues, the medical intuitive seeks to reach the Root Cause of the complaint, illness or disease. 

Within the organs, tissues and cells can be seen such issues as traumas, past and recent, or blockages of their energetic functions. 

The Medical Intuitive will work to find the Root Cause by taking the found imbalances and piecing together the puzzle of its originating location, as well as the originating timeframe.  Whether going back to childhood or just to the past month, these moments when the body was unable to overcome the event, left the body unable to keep balance within.  The person loses power because of a fear pattern, spiritual crisis, or trauma that then lives on in the psyche, thus the cell tissue.

As far back as the late Edgar Cayce, one of the most remarkable Medical Intuitives, the emphasis on the importance of our attitudes and emotions played a significant role in the treatment of illness.  These original medical intuitives noted that physical health problems corresponded with specific emotional issues followed a map of energy centers, called the chakras.  When a person has an emotional problem, past or present, an organ in that chakra will begin to signal disease and stress.  

There are 7 chakra centers that get examined.

So finding these root causes, whether emotional issues or even stressors such as toxins or phsyical injuries, is an important part of a medical intuitive reading.

Medical Intuitive readings are not meant to replace an allopathic western medicine diagnosis.  However, prevention and looking at a person as an individual with their own past and present stories that envelopes their health, is exactly what alternative specialties like Medical Intuition provides!